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Belt off centre

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Hi All,

My treadmill is puzzling me, its a Rebook Jet 100 Series treadmill about 1.5 years old.

When the treadmill is running with no person on, the belt is centre aligned. This to me indicates that the belt is correctly tensioned.

But as soon as I start walking or running, the belt begins to move towards the right. I have made sure the treadmill is level and that is appropriately lubricated.

I discovered that when I apply weight on the right side of the treadmil (not the belt) the belt will begin to move towards the right. If I get off and keep the machine running, it will centre it self again. If I apply weight on the left side instead then the belt will not move to the left.

Could this be worn out deck springs? I also realised that the belt is raised of the top right side more than the left side.
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Turns out a part of the frame has mysteriously snapped!

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