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Does Fruit Diet increase your pounds?

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Fruit also contains fructose such as Apple, Watermelon, Grapes etc., If the consumption of sugar level increases the fats are stored around your lower belly, it's easy to consume calories, but difficult to burn them. As you said if everything results the same output what's the point of maintaining a diet
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You're right, fruits also have calories. They contain natural sugars that can lead to weight gain. But it works if you eat a lot of them. You simply will not have time to burn these calories during the day, and you will gain weight. Measure is important in everything.
I see this as a problem. People often overlook snacking as something that can lead to weight gain. For example, a person ate a burger and drank coffee with milk, but did not count the coffee. It is important to consider that milk contains calories. You can find special creamer here that are suitable for people on a keto diet, but nevertheless they have their own calorie content.
Also with fruits. If a person eats a banana after each meal and does not count these calories, then he will not understand why he is gaining weight.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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