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Problems with Pro Form Pro 5000 - Dead, On Warranty, but No Customer Service

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We have a Pro Form Pro 5000 that the console died. We bought it in 2019 and the warrantee for parts is good until 2024. I have had Pro Form on the phone and they did help troubleshoot the treadmill. They determined it is the console. They were good to work with until I gave them the copy of the the bill of sale. Now its dead silence on their part. I have spend approximately 2 hours on hold twice so far and gave up both times. I guess its time to move on.

So, we are looking for recommendations for a replacement. We liked the Pro 5000 but we aren't interested in giving Pro Form any more money. Something similar to this treadmill would be good. My wife and I run 4 miles but vary our workout.

I will check out the posts and recommendations from others on the forum.
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Hey @Rich Aldrich welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your issues with ProForm, it's ridiculous that ProForm is avoiding you. I've found that NordicTrack makes good treadmills and right now some of their stuff is on sale.

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