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What treadmill do you think is the best value for me?
My goal is to make a treadmill desk and walk a lot like 4-12 hours a day. Which treadmill would you recommend for me that will last the longest and have the lowest costs?

Matrix T30 used a handful of times basically brand new- $1800, no warranty (private party);
Matrix 7xi- $1600 if picked up; commercial treadmill wtih 1 year warranty; ); just cleaned and serviced

Horion 7.4AT-02 Folding treadmill $1599.00 with 5 year warranty (extra $149.00)
Horizon 7.8AT Folding Treadmill- $1,999.00 with 5- year warranty (extra $199.00)

Both Matrix I would drive 1-2 hours. I know both are great machines. The Matrix 7 is what I’m leaning towards because I want something that will last and that is a great deal. I’d honestly prefer both used as they are decent prices. Any advice? The T30 is about 2 hours to drive and get and the Matrix 7xi is like a $6000 treadmill most YMCAs use and are made to be used a lot. I'm unfamiliar with the T30 though.
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